Student Activities

High School Student Activities
Academic Super Bowl
Art Club
Band/Pep band/Marching Band
Color Guard

East Porter Honor Society
Key Club
Science Club
Spell Bowl
Student Council
Virtual Studio

Middle School Student Activities

Art Club
Academic Super Bowl
Builder's Club
East Porter Honor Society

Spell Bowl
Student Council

Washington Township Middle High School

Activities and Athletics

We have many opportunities for students to be involved and active at school. Research shows that students perform better and enjoy school better when they are involved. Please reach out if you have any questions or want to know more. 

Art Club: Miss Watters

DECA: Mrs. Earle

Music Activities:

Choral: Ms. Wade

Instrumental: Mr. Thompson

Honor Society:

Middle School: TBA

High School: TBA

Student Council:

Middle School: Mrs. Gulbrandsen

High School: TBA

High School Science Club: Mrs. Rea

Prom Sponsor: Mrs. Gulbrandsen

SADD: Mr. Simms

12th Grade Sponsor: Mr. Simms/Mrs. Jablonski

11th Grade Sponsor: Mrs. Gulbrandsen                             

Builders Club: Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Travelbee

Key Club: Mrs. Rea

Webmasters Mr. Feola and Mr. Atwood

Yearbook: Mrs. Leighty

Mock Trial: Mrs. Teixeira

High School Academic Teams and Coaches

Spell Bowl: Mrs. Butler

Academic Super Bowl

English: Mrs. Jablonski / Mrs. Leighty

Fine Arts: Miss Watters

Mathematics: Mrs. Bell

Science: Mrs. Laba

Social Studies: Mr. Thompson

H.S. Academic Teams Coordinator: Mr. Thompson

Middle School Academic Teams and Coaches

Jr. Spell Bowl         Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Campbell

Jr. Academic Super Bowl:

English Ms. Billings

Mathematics Mrs. Olson

Science Mr. Atwood, Mrs. Travelbee

Social Studies Mr. Feola

M.S. Academic Teams Coordinator: Mr. Feola

WT Athletics

Middle School 


Cross Country: Mr. Wilks and Mrs.Suga

Baseball: Mr. Lembke, Mr. Roberts

Girl’s Volleyball: Mrs. Schad / Mrs. Taylor

Softball: Mr. Klinger



6th Grade: Mr. Wilks (B) Mr. Klinger (G)

7th Grade: TBA

8th Grade: TBA

Cheerleading: TBA


Boy’s Volleyball: Mr. Martin

Track: Mr. Martin


High School


Boy's Soccer: Mr. Swann

Girl's Soccer: Miss Fleming

Cross Country: Mr. Wilks / Mrs. Suga

Girl’s Volleyball: Mrs. Brown / Mrs. Lembke


Boys Basketball: Mr. Bowersock

Girls Basketball: Mr. Godbolt, Mr. Lopez

Cheerleading: TBA

Dance: Ms. Starr


Baseball: Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lembke

Softball: Mr. Sheets / Mr. Klinger

Track: Miss Fleming / Mrs. Martin

Boy’s Volleyball: Mr. Martin, Mr. Siefert