East Porter County School Corporation Dress Code

Secondary (6-12) Dress Code (found on Page 23-24 in East Porter County School Corporation dress code).

Tops: Tops which are not school-appropriate include those that are sheer (see-through), low-cut (significantly below the collarbone), strapless, leave a bare midriff, or reveal undergarments. Students are allowed to wear sleeveless tops but not ones with spaghetti straps.

Shorts and Skirts: Shorts and skirts are to be worn at the waist with appropriate coverage that does not reveal undergarments, and are not shorter than mid-thigh.

Pants: Pants are to be worn at the waist, without sagging or revealing undergarments. No holes, rips or tears above mid-thigh that result in exposed skin, are allowed.

Not allowed:

● Hats, hoods, caps or other head coverings.

● Blankets, sheets, or other bedding material worn during the school day.

● Chains or ropes.

● Words or symbols with “double meanings” or innuendo.

● Offensive, profane wording or words commonly known as “swear” words.

● Words or symbols which identify or advertise alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, violence, weapons depicted in a violent act, gangs, or racism.

● Clothing which is damaging or hazardous (such as roller shoes, or clothing/footwear with metal plates or rivets).

● Book bags, backpacks or excessively large purses in classrooms or cafeteria. Small, clutch-type purses are permitted.


Students will be asked to correct the dress code violation, and if unable to, they will be given a warning if this is their first violation. Administrators reserve the right to apply additional consequences, or to convene a parent/guardian conference for recurring violations.

Administration also reserves the right to determine what is appropriate for the school setting at each grade level in addition to the requirements stated above. Since students involved in extracurricular activities are representatives of the school, additional standards or requirements regarding dress or appearance may be made of them.