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Hall of Fame

Criteria for Induction

The Washington Township Hall of Fame provides our students and Washington Township community recognition of the outstanding legacies of Washington Township alumni.  It is hoped that this recognition will provide role models for our current students and offer us a chance to celebrate the successes of those who have graduated from our high school.

The selection criteria for the Hall of Fame attempts to ensure recognition of a broad cross section of achievers.  Five categories were established as criteria for selecting inductee’s for the Hall of Fame:

  •         Alumni--WTHS Athletic
  •         Alumni--WTHS Honors
  •         Alumni--Professional/Entrepreneur/Industrial
  •         Alumni--Science/Technology
  •         Alumni--Military/Community Service
  •         Retired WT Faculty/Staff/Coach

Candidates are reviewed on their contributions in these categories.

Accomplishments, recognitions, and awards, as well as letters of nomination from colleagues, other professionals, and the nominator are considered in selection of nominees.  As well as being successful in their field, nominees should be examples of appropriate citizenship for our students.

The above categories were listed to serve as general guidelines in the selection process.  It is not mandatory that candidates for induction represent each of the above categories.  The categories are meant to ensure that those selected come from a broad cross-section of achievers.  We are attempting to honor individuals who have made a difference, people who have succeeded, and people who have given unselfishly to make the world a better place.  If a candidate is not selected in the year in which they are nominated, it is not necessary to resubmit another application.  All nominees are reviewed each year.

On behalf of Washington Township High School, we thank you for your interest in our Hall of Fame.

Criteria for Washington Township Hall of Fame:

  1.    Any alumni or friend of Washington Township High School may submit the names of nominees.
  2.    An official nomination form must be completed for each nominee.
  3.    Nominee must have been a Washington Township High School graduate or a Washington Township faculty/staff member or coach.
  4.    WTHS alumni nominee must be out of high school for 9 years to be eligible in their 10th year.
  5.    A WTHS faculty/staff member or coach is eligible one year after leaving their position.
  6.    Posthumous nominations will be accepted.  The nominator or family member of nominee will fill out nominee section.