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Sensations XD

Middle school students need an exploratory and challenging activity which integrates our curriculum.

Sensations-XD is a unique extra-curricular activity which focuses on promoting:

  • life skills
  • citizenship skills
  • behavior management
  • effective communication skills
  • teamwork skills
  • problem solving / deductive reasoning skills
  • time management
  • fiscal responsibility / budgeting
  • personal responsibility

Furthermore, students will expand their knowledge in geography, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies.  Sensations-XD, at the conclusion of the eight (8) Sensational Saturday Enrichment Classes, puts into practice the knowledge and skills gained through a field experience to the Walt Disney World Resort and participating in a Digital/Cultural Scavenger Hunt, Youth Education Series Class focusing on Physics and unique group activities clustered around the Indiana State Standards.  These scientific skills/concepts include:

  • The Scientific Method
  • Bernoulli's Principle
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion
  • Potential v Kinetic Energy
  • Distance v Displacement
  • Centripetal Force
  • Acceleration, Speed, Velocity and Inertia
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Hydraulics v Pneumatics

Why Disney?

Walt Disney’s vision was to educate people about the world around them. The Walt Disney World Resorts offer a vast creative, natural, scientific, and cultural resource that makes it a unique field experience destination:

  • visit 11 countries in one day
  • see all the Presidents of the United States come to life
  • walk through a tropical rainforest
  • take an up-close look at the fascinating world of marine environments.
  • learn about the world of science, social studies, language arts and mathematics through informative, idea-sparking, facilitated field experiences.

Disney’s Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) takes students on an academic journey through utilization of thought-provoking information, hands-on experiences, that involve students in the learning process.

This multi-curriculum learning adventure allows our students to understand that our constantly changing universe is defined by the past, influenced by our relationships with other cultures and creatures, and transformed by technologies.

This field experience will transform words, pictures, and formulas from our classrooms and enrichment classes into unforgettable experiences that will spark new directions of thinking and ignite the imagination of our students. 

The cost of the 2019-2020 field experience is expected to be $1,200.  This price includes:

  • Round Trip Air from either Indianapolis International or Midway to Orlando International
  • All Ground Transportation to and from Airports and at Disney
  • 6 Nights / 5 Days at Disney's Pop Century Resort
  • 5-Day Park Ticket and Y.E.S. Class
  • 7 Sensational Saturday Enrichment Classes
  • 7 Sensations T-Shirts****
  • Over 70 Hours of Educational Activities Outside of Normal School Day
  • Memories to Last a Life-Time!