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Jr. Division Academic Super Bowl



Content  –  The Junior Division Academic Super Bowl is a competition consisting of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies rounds, and a fifth interdisciplinary round, in which questions come from all the previous subjects.


Teams – Each of the four subject area squads consists of no more than five students, with three of these competing at a time.  The interdisciplinary squad may consist of seven students, with four students competing at a time.  At the end of question 12 on each round, coaches may make squad substitutions.  Any individual student may compete on a maximum of two subject area squads and the interdisciplinary squad (three squads total).


Format – Twenty-five multiple choice questions make up each round.  Questions are both read and projected on an overhead screen.  Each squad utilizes an answer sheet to record its answer.  The regular time limit for answers, commencing after the question has been read is 20 seconds.  Some math and science questions, involving computations, may have an extended time limit.  There is an audible tone used to indicate the 5 seconds remaining, and another tone to indicate the end of the time period.  A proctor sitting with the team certifies and documents the correctness of the answers.  Scores are posted for the audience.


2020 Topic – Students involved in the 2020 Indiana Academic Super Bowl will be studying topics related to The Roaring 20s.